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Clarence Lorenzo Simpson, Sr. (1896-1969) served as the 22nd Vice President of Liberia from January 3, 1944 to January 1, 1952 during President William V. S. Tubman’s first term. He was Secretary of State during much of World War II (1934–1943) under President Edwin Barclay. Before becoming Secretary of State, Simpson served as Post Master General and Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives from 1931–1934. After leaving the Department of State in 1943, Simpson was one of the six candidates in that year’s election; he eventually lost to William V.S. Tubman.

Born in Royesville, Montserrado County of repatriate and Vai parentage, he was educated at the College of West Africa and at Liberia College. Following legal studies under W. Monroe Phelps, he was admitted to the bar in 1921.

Simpson was the Liberian delegate to the League of Nations in 1934 and headed the Liberian delegation to the United Nations in 1945. Simpson also held the following positions: Ambassador to the Court of St. James-London, England; Ambassador to the United States, Washington, D.C;, Grand Master of Masons, Republic of Liberia, and secretary general of the National True Whig Party of Liberia.

Upon his retirement from government service in 1959, he was the source of some political suspicion by Tubman’s supporters, and at one time his name was linked to a ritualistic murder scandal. In 1961, he published his memoirs entitled The Symbol of Liberia.

Simpson died in Monrovia on January 22, 1949.

(Sources: Historical Dictionary of Liberia, Wikipedia)

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