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Samuel G. Harmon served as the 17th Vice President of Liberia from January 1, 1912 to January 5, 1920 under President Daniel E. Howard. Elected for two successive terms, along with President Howard on the True Whig party ticket, Harmon’s tenure as vice president coincided with three major crises that posed an existential threat to the fledgling nation of Liberia: 1) The Kru Rebellion of 1915 in which they resisted Monrovia’s authority, declaring their loyalty to Great Britain and annexation by Sierra Leone; 2) During World War I, German submarines were not only dispatched off the coast of Liberia to halt trading between Liberia and the outside world, which evaporated export revenues, pushing the country in fiscal straits but Germany also threatened to attack Monrovia; 3) In 1919, following conflict over territorial claims, some of Liberia’s territory were annexed by Britain and France.

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