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After years of struggle as an unwavering activist for democracy in Liberia, during which time she vehemently castigated past Liberian leaders for human rights abuses, corruption and nepotism, today, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has also become a nepotistic leader, appointing her sons to key posts in the government.

One son is head of the National Oil Company, another is deputy governor of the Central Bank and yet another is head of the National Security Agency.

Liberians, including her co-Nobel Peace Laureate, Leymah Gbowee, has urged President Sirleaf to fire her sons and end this troubling spectacle of nepotism in Liberia, especially in light of the dire need to foster reconciliation in her post-war nation of Liberia.

But President Sirleaf has forthrightly dismissed calls for her to fire her sons, inflaming simmering dissension among Liberians, which is certainly not what Liberians need as they work to consolidate the nation’s fragile peace after 14-years of a bloody civil war.

Therefore, in the interest of peace, reconciliation and good governance, President Sirleaf, Africa’s first woman president and a winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, must heed the voices of her people and end the crass display of nepotism in her government.

Go here to sign petition urging President Sirleaf to fire her sons immediately.

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