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The Liberian Echo is an online platform created to share a collage of stories about Liberia through a colorful tapestry of ‘voices’ from Liberia as a way to embrace the triumphs and struggles of a nation and people emerging from 14-years of a devastating civil war.

As Liberians work to forge a new nation after years of civil war, The Liberian Echo endeavors to join this effort by creating a space for Liberians, at home and abroad, to tell an ‘alternate’ story of their nation’s evolution through the prism of their various contributions, accomplishments and diverse experiences to help paint a more dynamic picture of their war-addled nation.

About the Publisher

Moco McCaulay has several years of experience working as a journalist and marketing professional. He holds a post-graduate certificate from the London School of Journalism; an MBA in International Business from Schiller International University in Heidelberg, Germany and a BA in Public Relations from Bethany College in West Virginia, USA.

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