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Allen N. Yancy (1881–1941) was the 20th Vice President of Liberia serving from January 2, 1928 to December 3, 1930 under President Charles D.B. King. He was forced to resign in 1930 following his involvement with forced labor at the Firestone rubber plantations in Liberia.

Born in Harper, Maryland County, Yancy was the son of a Georgia preacher. In 1905, he was appointed justice of the peace. Although a captain in the Liberian Guard, he remained neutral during the 1910 settler-Grebo conflict. His marriage to Gertrude Cora Wede Seton, a Glebo woman, in 1902 may have been a factor. After the war he became a store manager for the English trading firm of Woodin and Company. In 1918, through the assistance of the future president, Edwin Barclay, Yancy was appointed county attorney for Maryland, In 1920, President C.D.B. King appointed him county superintendent, a position which he held until 1927, when he was elected to the position of vice president of the republic.

Yancy died on February 21, 1941 in Lagos, Nigeria where he was initially buried . However, in 1944, his remains were returned to Liberia, and he was reburied at Harper on December 5th 1944.

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