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Moco McCaulay



On January 8, 2009, a judge in the US State of Florida, sentenced Charles Emmanuel, a.k.a. “Charles Chucky Taylor Jr.”, a 32 year old American, to 97 years in prison for committing “sadistic” acts of torture against citizens in an African nation rule...


‘Let sleeping dogs lie’ is an oft-quoted adage that cautions against instigating something that might stir up trouble, especially one that could cause undue misfortune. In Vamba Sherif’s latest novel, Bound to Secrecy, the protagonist, William Soko M...

Kelvin Jalibah: A Student Filmmaker

Kelvin Jalibah, is a student filmmaker at Accountability Film School in Liberia, who wants to make films to impact people’s lives. See his short film about the injustices Liberia's frontline workers endured as they put their lives on the line to end Ebola in Liberia....

Presidents of Liberia

Unlike most African counties which obtained their independence some 50 years ago or later, Liberia declared its independence over a century and a half ago on July 26, 1847, becoming Africa’s first republic. Consequently, information about its hist...

Moco McCaulay

“Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story.” For far too long, across Africa, ruthless hunters have fleeced their nations, stifling the potentials of generations of lions. I am a storyteller for those lions.

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