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Crossed Lines (Official Trailer)
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Crossed Lines is a new movie produced by award-winning Liberian producer, Aletha Campbell and her husband, Andrew Campbell, owners of the Smooth Fusion Flims production company.

The movie is about a DEA agent called McNeil, who has a massive chip on his shoulder, and very little respect for any law aside from his own. Billy is an over-aggressive, alpha male, who has a constant need to feed his endless appetite for money and power. Truth, a low-level dealer and struggling rapper, does whatever he needs to do to get him in the studio. Naja has a good life. She uses socially from time to time but is under endless pressure from Aminata, the only person she has left in this world, to live a more carefree, party-girl lifestyle. With futures in the balance, choices have to be made and those choices will have great consequences.

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