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The clock of finitude has run its course on 2013, and the countdown to a new year has now commenced. For many of us, last year was one mixed with personal accomplishments as well as disappointments, but with the New Year, each of us is once again presented with a chance to set new goals and start afresh. And, for many of us, one of those goals may well be to live an active and healthy lifestyle in 2014.

If you happen to be such a person, Lassana “AK” Moore, a 28-year-old Liberian fitness coach, might just be the linchpin you need to provide you with support and motivation to help you accomplish your fitness goals this year.

“Fitness should be a lifestyle not just a New Year’s resolution. You should be able to do some kind of activity every day; you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym. Don’t sleep on your goals,” exhorted Lassana in a recent posting on his Strong Minded Fitness Facebook page.

Strong Minded Fitness: A Movement To Inspire People To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Are you interested in making your goal to live a healthy lifestyle more than just a fleeting New Year’s resolution? If you are, Lassana has created Strong Minded Fitness to help you.

“I created Strong Minded Fitness to help inspire, motivate and teach anyone who is looking for tips on living a healthy lifestyle. When I started my fitness journey, people used to tell me I will never gain muscles. I was so small when I first came to the US from
Africa. But I did not pay any attention to them. I kept working and working. Now, I can

look 10 years back and say look at me now. So, if you are out there going through the same thing just keep working and know your results will come,” said Lassana.

For Lassana, fitness is not just about lifting weights to have bulging muscles but it is about eating healthy, staying active to develop a strong heart and exercising to help people alleviate stress and live a long and healthy life. That is why he has committed himself to providing information to help anyone who might need a little extra support to achieve their goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

And, don’t think for a minute that all Lassana wants to do is throw generic fitness information at you. He is willing to go a step further.

“I am willing to provide personal fitness advice to help anyone through their journey to live a healthy lifestyle. So people should feel free to contact me and I will gladly give them tips to help them,” said Lassana.

With such an offer, it would seem that Lassana is ready to act as a virtual personal fitness coach to help people through their journey to live a healthy lifestyle. Talk about having no excuses!

Strong Minded Fitness: An Approach To Healthy Living Forged Through The Fire

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

So goes those oft quoted lines from the Shakespearian play, Romeo and Julliet, where Julliet tells Romeo that with or without his name, she would still love him. That passage has come to represent that what matters in life is not what something is called but what it is.

But, that probably wouldn’t be true for Strong Minded Fitness. Because, for Lassana, the name not only represents the mental fortitude and determination that he has forged along his own fitness journey, which is something he wants to help others develop through his fitness program, but according to Lassana, it also speaks to the fact that he is “still standing” despite the blustery vicissitudes that battered his life during his youth.

Born in Monrovia, Liberia on May 31, 1984, Lassana experienced the stark brutalities of the Liberian Civil War that ravaged his country during the 1990s. Growing up during that period, Lassana endured many days with his stomach painfully twitching from rabid hunger. He also witnessed soldiers torturing and summarily executing men they had captured and accused of being rebel fighters.

And, by the time he was 10-years-old, after befriending some soldiers who used to give him food to eat, he had learned to shoot an automatic rifle.

“When the soldiers said they were going to teach me how to shoot a gun, I couldn’t say no because they would stop feeding me, so I learned to shoot a gun. That was a hard thing for me to do at the age of ten. They were grooming me to become a soldier,” remembered Lassana of this traumatic time in his life.

And, with the situation in Liberia swinging like a pendulum between periods of ceasefire and bouts of all-out war for over a decade, Lassana had difficulties pursuing his education. Then, after spending sometime as a refugee in Ghana, in March 2000 when he was 15-years-old, Lassana finally realized his dream to come to America when he moved to New York City to live with his older sister.

Without his parents around and his older sister working a lot, Lassana spent a lot of time with his newfound friends, and peer pressure soon got the best of him. Before long, he was arrested for shoplifting but released because he was a minor. This prompted Lassana’s sister to send him to live with an uncle in Minnesota. But he was soon kicked out of his uncle’s house after one too many fights at school.

“I moved in with a friend and we shared the rent, but when I couldn’t afford to pay, he told me to leave so for a time, I slept on the floor in the apartment’s laundry room,”

said Lassana.

This was a trying time for Lassana who was only 17-years-old then. But, as serendipity would have it, one of his co-workers at the pizza shop where he worked noticed the despondency in his eyes one day and asked him what was wrong. When he told her what he was going through, Lassana said the mother of his co-worker, who was a complete stranger, invited him to live with her family after her daughter told her about his deplorable situation. It is an act of kindness Lassana holds dear to his heart and he now calls the mother of his co-worker “mom”.

After high school, Lassana moved into his own apartment with a friend but he again fell in with the wrong crowd and started selling drugs.

“Once, when my friend and I went to the store, I noticed two guys standing across the street. I immediately suspected them to be undercover cops so I slipped into the store and quickly hid the weed I had on me in my socks. And, as soon as I stepped out of the store, the undercover cops put me against their car and one of them started to frisk me. He even went as far down as my ankles but luckily he didn’t ask me to take off my shoes,” remembered Lassana.

It was a close call that sent shivers down Lassana’s spine. If he had been caught with the quantity of pot he had on him, he would have most certainly faced jail time.

The cops only found the wad of cash he had on him, and when they asked him how come he had so much money, he lied and told them he had just cashed his paycheck that day. But, he nonetheless received a stern admonition from the cops who told him that they were keeping their eyes on him.

That experience was a wake-up call for Lassana. After that, he stopped selling drugs and started to set his life straight. He also started attending church and committed his life to Christ. And, today, Lassana is happily married and the father of three kids.

But Lassana is much too aware that the narrative of his youthful years could have as well culminated in a tragic denouement. He, therefore, believes that God has given him an opportunity to make good of his life and he wants to use it to do some good. That is why he wants to help people live a healthy lifestyle so that they may have the chance to live long and healthy lives.

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