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Garretson Wilmot Gibson (20 May 1832 – 26 April 1910) was the 14th President of Liberia from 11 December 1900, to 4 January 1904. Born in Maryland, in the United States, his family emigrated to Liberia in 1835. After receiving an education in mission schools, he returned to Maryland to study theology. Ordained a priest, he served as rector of the Episcopalian Trinity Church in Monrovia. He also served as Chaplain of the Liberian Senate. Later, he served as President of the Trustee Board of Liberia College and at one time President of the College.

President Gibson began his political life as a Justice of the Peace. With the election of William D. Coleman as president in 1896, Gibson was appointed Secretary of the Interior. He was Secretary of State when Coleman resigned in 1900, and since there was no vice-president, Gibson was chosen to succeed him. He won the election that same year, and served until 1904, when his Secretary of the Treasury, Arthur Barclay, succeeded him. He died in Monrovia on April 26, 1910. (Source: Wikipedia)

Interesting Biographical Snippets
  • Prior to attaining the presidency, Gibson had had a long career in government including serving as Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of State.
  • In 1903, during Coleman’s reign, the British forced a concession of Liberian territory to Sierra Leone, but tension along that border remained high.
  • Gibson was the last Liberian president to have been born in the United States.
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