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James Edward Greene served as the 24th Vice President of Liberia under President William R. Tolbert, Jr. from April 1972 until his death on July 22, 1977. Prior to embarking on a public career, Greene served as a teacher at the Sinoe High School (1941-1949) and also as principal of that school from 1949-1952.

Born in Greenville, Sinoe County on July 6, 1915, he was educated at the St. Paul Episcopal High School of Greenville and Liberia College, where he obtain his B.A. in 1940. Appointed superintendent of Sinoe County in 1952, he served until 1961, before being elected to the Senate, where he served until his election as vice president in 1972.

Greene died in Bong County on July 22, 1977.

(Sources: Historical Dictionary of Liberia, Wikipedia)

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