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In continuation of our effort to present Liberia’s history through pictures, the featured image is a photo of Joseph James Cheeseman (seated), 12th President of Liberia, and his cabinet. Cheeseman was President of Liberia from January 4, 1892 until November 12, 1896, when he died in office.

After his death, his Vice President, William D. Coleman, who may be the man standing on President Cheeseman’s immediate left with a cane in his hand, succeeded him.

Also in the picture, standing directly over President Cheeseman, is Arthur Barclay, who would become Liberia’s 15th president. He served in President Cheeseman’s cabinet first as Postmaster-General, then as Secretary of State and later as Secretary of Treasurer, which was a position he held under two successive presidents, until he himself assumed the presidency on January 4th, 1904.

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