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In the US, one of the first places that comes to mind when considering purchasing athletic footwear is Foot Locker, which is chain of retail stores located all over the US that sells sportswear and footwear. Want the latest Jordans, Nikes and Adidas, well all you have to do is pop into a Foot Locker store to check out the selection.

In Liberia, on the other hand, you’ll probably have to settle for a Street Foot Locker, like the one in the picture. And, while it certainly offers nothing close to the selections you’ll find at a US Foot Locker store, this street vendor has quite an impressive selection of brand name sneakers to pick from. There’s a few Jordans on display, some Nikes, etc. And check out the way they’re sorted out. Talk about ingenuity!

Photo credit: Thomas Lhomme. And, if you’re on Instagram, make sure to follow him for everyday photos from Liberia.

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