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Who Killed 5 American Nuns In Liberia?
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In 1992, during the Liberian Civil War, five American nuns who were in Liberia at the time providing assistance to people affected by the war, were killed by NPFL fighters in the infamous Operation Octopus attack on Monrovia. FRONTLINE and ProPublica travels to Liberia to investigate why no one has been held responsible.

They meet with one of the alleged culprits in the nuns’ killing, Christoper Vambo, a former general in the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), who admits that the nuns were killed by fighters under his command, but denies personally executing the nuns as reported by eyewitnesses.

This is an interesting documentary to watch and it speaks to the greater issue of impunity for war crimes committed during the Liberian Civil War and the need for prepatrators of those crimes to face justice.

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